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About Daughters Of Vision
Daughters of Vision Mentoring, Inc. is a nonprofit mentoring, training, and educational organization for girls and young ladies between the ages of 12-17. 

Daughters of Vision, Inc.’s mission is to mentor, train and educate the next generation of female leaders to successfully transition into an independent, self-sufficient, healthy and productive lifestyle. 

We prepare, develop, and improve everyday life essential skills by mentoring, educating, training and developing young ladies in the areas of employment readiness, money management, social skills, self-care for personal well-being, academic assistance, college preparation, community outreach and volunteerism.

About Daughters Of Vision

Come and experience what we have to offer as a knowledgeable, empowering, supportive organization. We'll work diligently with you, for you and collaboratively as a team. 

With our team knowledge, effort, camaraderie, and positive energy our clients will be Inspired, Encouraged, and Empowered!

Together we will discover ways to enhance your life and build a successful you!

Alina Branscombe, Founder and Executive Director
Patricia Guitterez – Board Member 
Shontina Galdney – Board Member
Tresha Lovell - Treasurer
Marcella Pearson – Secretary
Board of Directors

Alina Branscombe is the Founder and Executive Director of Daughters of Vision Mentoring, Inc.  
She received her Bachelor degrees in Human Services and Psychology from Ottawa University in Brookfield, Wisconsin. A passionate, loving, and motivating individual, having strong beliefs in integrity and advocating on behalf of others, she is known as one who gives wise counsel. Committed to mentoring, motivating, inspiring and effectively changing lives, Alina also gives freely of herself to helping others better their lives. 

                              Equivalent to such determination and devotion, Alina has worked in the nonprofit and for profit sectors 25 plus years. Substantially, she has served as the Youth Leader at Joy Christian Fellowship in Pewaukee, Wisconsin for four years. In her four-year tenor, she ministered and lead the youth in embracing their authentic self as well as their spiritual life. She also mentored, nurtured, encouraged, and provided the youth with sound advice to help them overcome some of the obstacles in their personal life as well as in their education. Because of Alina's own personal issues and struggles in life as well as others, she has found herself passionately mentoring and working to help individuals of all races and ages, reach a successful, productive and healthy lifestyle. 

Quotes she believe in: 
"Tell me I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn" - Benjamin Franklin
“Every day, is a new day, for a better day” - Inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Alina Branscombe